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This article originally appeared in the 2000 in Issue 2 of Senehasa Magazine. Dr. Leo Kanner, an American psychiatrist, first described autism as a distinct syndrome in 1943. This life-long disability which affects social interaction and communication, as well as cognitive ability, usually appears when children are between two and five years old and affects approximately five children in every 10,000. It is four times as likely to occur in boys as in girls and it has been found throughout the...

Looking for tips from parents who have successfully navigated the childhood years?Teaching children how to behave is an important part of parenting. Children have to behave for their own sakes, not just for adults. When the child is at home the parent might accept his or her behaviour however intolerable. However, people outside the family will judge the child’s behaviour and the older he or she becomes, the more it will matter to the child. In fact, from school age...

Looking for tips from parents who have successfully navigated the childhood years?So were some researchers who asked a large group of parents what advice they would give other parents about raising children. The parents who took part in the research project had “successfully” raised their own children. Those children, now over 21, were considered to be successful, productive adults adjusting well to the challenges of life. Love abundantly The most important thing you can do is love your children and show them...

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